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For the Joy of the Lord is our Strength...

Hello. Thanks for dropping by, welcome to my blog, charathejourney!

Take this as a warm welcome to this space, a space of giving God all the glory!

Right off the bat, let me assure you this blog was not my idea at all. God began this blog by sending people (so as to not exaggerate, He sent two of my mature-in-Christ big sisters) to gift me with journals at very different points in time, to write down ‘the chronicles of Delsha’ as they would put it.

Needless to say, the thought of writing things down terrified me indeed…fast forward…one beautiful morning in February 2021 (wow, just realized we are in February yet again haha) I woke up and sensed the instruction to start a blog, I laughed it off as my mind being silly and asked myself what I could possibly write about in a blog, how does one even do it? da da da. That very morning, a friend of mine randomly called me at 6 am telling me about a blog she had been working on and wanted me to review…coincidence?of course not!… I laughed it off because, at that moment, I knew that I knew that I knew that God was truly instructing me to write a blog, again I was like sheesh, a blog!!!

All the same, in faith, I started to think of the name of this blog, despite having absolutely no clue what it would be about, I sprung into a search for a name and settled on the Greek word ‘chara’ on a particular Saturday evening. Believe it or not, the very next day when I walked into the church, as usual, the pastor stood to the pulpit when it was time to preach and casually said this statement;

…Today we are going to be talking about chara…

I silently smiled and even chuckled under my breath and said okay God, okay, I don’t have a single clue how I am going to go about it but I get the point, I will do it. In all truth, if I was to say all there is to say about this, I am convinced I would bore you with the details, haha, but I know you get the point…so move on shall we? Yes.

I have come to understand that God is truly ever-present in our lives and can be seen in literally everything daily, although most times we never even realize it.

**Pardon my manners…my name is (**or should I say my names areDelsha, Rufaro, Lydia, rumor has it my parents almost gave me 5 names! 5! I mean!!!

Anywho, if I was to introduce myself using the name meanings instead of the names themselves, it would go something like;

”Hey, nice to meet you, my name is Joy, Joy, The God-fearing one!”

Cute isn’t it? ‘Without further ado, this brings us to the blog name…

‘chara’ is a Greek word (pronounced khar-ah) used to describe ones who rejoice, who are glad, and who have received joy! God has, for a while now, been impressing it in my heart that His joy is my strength and I genuinely took it to be generic to every believer until I realized that I was given two names that mean joy! and knew He was saying that specifically to me (because more often than not, God says the exact thing(s) to me twice, even word for word sometimes, for me to pay attention to it if I happen to just brush it off as being everything else but God speaking to me).

If you are like me, this is probably the part you start thinking owkaay, but why ‘the journey’? Glad you asked haha, this blog is pretty similar to reading a journal, so to speak, as I will be taking you through the journey of my life, and picking out the bits I have managed to see God vividly in, even when it was just in retrospect (right from the very beginning of my life, to now, to my future as it unfolds).

It is truly my sincere hope that by hearing me share my own story, you are inspired to examine and reflect on yours too. I can guarantee you before you even start that you will be surprised by just how consistently present God has been in your own life and that this helps draw you closer to Him, embrace His love for you, know Him more deeply, acknowledge Him and and and…

Delsha Rufaro Lydia
Delsha Rufaro Lydia
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